Work is a source of personal dignity, family stability, peace at household, community and the nation at large.

Work is the key in poverty reduction and facilitates in achieving equitable, inclusive and sustainable development in the country.

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At More for Less, you get more … . for less!

More For Less offers professional waste management, recycling and waste collection solutions in Tanzania. With a very professional fleet with for example garbage compactor trucks and road wiping trucks, we can completely relieve your municipality or company in respect of the total waste management. With a clear vision for the future, we want to work hard with passion towards a clean Tanzania.

Our mission

The mission of More For Less is to improve the living environment for all citizens, by educating people and creating employment in the waste industry and in this way fighting poverty amongst the youth. At the same time also by improving the environment by building on a more structured and sustainable waste collection and more sustainable processing of the different waste materials that can be collected separately.

Our vision

More For Less Environment and Facility Company Ltd. strives to make the world around us a healthier and more sustainable place. We aim to do this through the three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet and Profit. By educating the unemployed Tanzanian youth, we create a youth with employable skills. By making the waste industry more sustainable we create a better, healthier environment and because we offer the best working environment for local people who share our passion, together we can offer our customers and shareholders unprecedented value.